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Talking to yourself is crazy. But talking to your money makes perfect sense to us. That's why we provide free, 24/7 access to  ITallk, our automated telephone teller.

Call to hear current balances, conduct transactions, and more. Using ITalk is easy, and it means there's a MountainCrest Credit Union branch anywhere there's a touchtone phone.

  • Hear current savings, checking, and loan balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make a loan payment
  • Verify if a check has cleared
  • Verify if a deposit has posted
  • Make a withdrawal — it will be mailed right to your home
  • Use 24/7 from any touchtone phone
  • Personal identification number (PIN) required for security

Get Started

Please contact us to enroll in ITalk if you are not enrolled in Online or Mobile Banking. If you are enrolled in Online or Mobile Banking please follow the steps below.

  1. Call 1-866-470-7408
  2. You will be asked to choose your PIN
  3. Choose from the menu selection and wait for further instructions (ITalk will prompt you through the menus and does not require you to know the service codes)
  4. Once you choose which function you would like the system to perform it will prompt you for your account number and PIN.

Global Commands

Agent 0
Help 1*
Main Menu 3*
Go Back *
Skip 5*
Repeat #
Change Member 9*